French Alpine Hot Cocoa Recipe


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This one drink brings me back to the place where I grew up, in the French Alps.  It is a delicious warm drink (for both vegans and non-vegans) that combines an old traditional European hot chocolate recipe and a delicious and surprising ingredient.  The beverage is enhanced with Chartreuse liqueur, which is produced by French monks from a 400-year-old recipe. Both Green Chartreuse and Yellow Chartreuse (we will use the green one in this recipe) use a secret blend of 130 herbs and plants and the entire operation is still overseen by just two monks (and manufactured near my hometown in the Alps).  The liqueur has a unique taste that you probably haven’t had before, but it is worth a try as it is considered one of the best liqueurs in the world.  Check with your local liquor store to see if they sell Chartreuse.  If not, I have linked an online shop below that sells it. Be ready for a cup of hot cocoa with a very pleasant twist!

For one cup:


8 oz of plant milk or regular milk for non-vegans
2 tsp of hot cocoa powder (I get mine from Trader Joe’s and it is inspired by a traditional European recipe).

1/2 or 1 tbsp of green Chartreuse (Shop here)
1 tsp of brown sugar

In a cooking pot, combine the Chartreuse, the hot cocoa powder, the sugar and the plant milk.  Warm up at low heat and remove right before boiling (do not boil really, I am serious here!)

Remove from heat and serve in a mug.  Sit back, relax and enjoy…

Non-alcoholic and kids friendly version: Don’t add the Chartreuse and add a cinnamon stick during the warm-up process!  Delicious!



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